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Doorly 14 Year Old Barbados Rum - 48% 70cl

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Alcohol ABV48%


Doorly’s 14 year old is a brand with a long history that is honored by R.L. Seale.

This year, the oldest Doorly’s expression so far finally comes on the market!

This release, unlike the Exceptional Cask Series (Empery and 2007 to follow) and the Velier collaborations (Patrimonio will also follow soon here) will be available as a constant addition to the Foursquare portfolio.

Doorly’s Fine Old Barbados Rum Aged 14 Years is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rum.

The rum has been aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon casks. A portion of the blend was aged in ex-Madeira casks.

As with all Foursquare products there are no hidden nasties in the bottle – just rum and a bit of Caramel colouring which is disclosed on the rear label.

Distillery: Foursquare

, Barbados

Tucked away in the southern countryside of Barbados, on 8 acres of a former sugar plantation, is the magnificent Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park.

This working rum factory is well known for its collection of rums, producing a wide range including the highly favoured Doorly's, Old Brigand and E.S.A.Field.

Foursquare Rum Distillery is the proud winner of the Rum Distillery of the Year in November 2016 at the IWSC in London, UK.

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Tasting Notes

Nose: Woody oak notes dominate initially giving to some fruit. This is more dark fruits though – blackberries and some prunes.

Palate: Little bursts of vanilla and some ginger fade in an out of the mix. A nice balance and the notes that are present are nicely done.

Finish: Once the palate adjusts the rum has a much better balance than the initial sip might lead you to believe.

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