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Llanfairfechan Wales

Aber Falls

Aber Falls Whisky Distillery is one of only four in Wales, and the first in North Wales since the early 1900s.

Located within a stone’s throw of Rhaeadr Fawr, the famous Aber Falls waterfall, Aber whisky is distilled, bottled and matured in Aber Falls distillery, using specially crafted Welsh ingredients from the surrounding area.

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Perthshire Scotland


Aberfeldy Distillery is nestled within a lush valley in the foothills of the Centrals Highlands of Scotland, in the village of Aberfeldy and a stone’s throw from the birthplace of our founder, John Dewar.

Sit down and unwind in Aberfeldy’s sweet honeyed richness. Scottish malted barley and longer fermentation times – which create more flavour-bearing esters – trigger the hallmark honey notes of Aberfeldy Single Malt. 

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Banffshire Scotland


Steeped in centuries of legend and surrounded by the dramatic Highland scenery of Ben Rinnes, the village of Aberlour lies at the very heart of Speyside, where the Lour burn joins the River Spey.

The exceptionally pure, soft spring water used for making Aberlour whisky is drawn from nearby natural springs.

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Dufftown Scotland


The Allt-A-Bhainne distillery is a Scotch whisky distillery which is located in the Speyside region of Scotland. Just down the road from the popular town of Dufftown, Allt-A-Bhainne distillery is one of the newer distilleries in Scotland.

A young Speyside distillery founded and built in 1975 by the Chivas Brothers Lrd, Allt a Bhainne - Gaelic for 'burn of milk' - is pronounced Oll ta Vane.

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Port Ellen Scotland


Ardbeg has been called “as close to perfection as makes no difference,” by whisky connoisseurs. Proof then, that Ardbeg truly deserves its incredible reputation.

A Scotch whisky distillery in Ardbeg on the south coast of the isle of Islay, Argyll and Bute. This distillery is well known for their heavily peated whiskies which with it come a cult following. 

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Aberdeenshire Scotland


The Ardmore distillery sits at the highest point of the Northern railway line, 600 feet above sea level.

Close to the small village of Kennethmont, the proximity to the railway line allowed founder Adam Teacher to transport materials from Glasgow to this remote corner of Aberdeenshire, helping the distillery flourish.

Almost unchanged from the moment he made his dream a reality, the water is still drawn from the naturally rising springs that sit on the 1,500 foot tall Knockandy Hill.

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Glenbeg Scotland


Almost unchanged from the moment he made his dream a reality, the water is still drawn from the naturally rising springs that sit on the 1,500 foot tall Knockandy Hill.

Opened in July 2014 to begin the process of producing what will eventually become world-class single malt.The Ardnamurchan Distillery is situated half way along the peninsula in the small village of Glenbeg. It was designed to both look like a distillery, and also fit in with the surrounding buildings.

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Lochranza Scotland


Production began at Arran’s first distillery in beautiful Lochranza almost 30 years ago.  Many other locations were considered at the time, but the proximity to Loch na Davie provided a rather special source of fresh water for distilling. 

Knowing this would hold up in good stead for years to come, a second distillery opened in the south of the island in 2019 at Lagg, where a very unique style of peated single malt is created. 

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Clydebank Scotland


Auchentoshan new make spirit is the highest distillate produced by any Single Malt distillery in Scotland.

Because we distill away all the impurities in the liquid, strong notes of fruit and citrus come through.

It also makes the spirit more prone to the epic woodiness that comes from the casks in maturation.

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Banffshire Scotland


Located in Banffshire, on the speyside region of Scotland. This distillery was built and established in 1974 by Justerini & Brooks.

A young distillery, the range is small, based mainly around the ten-year-old expression mark with a style typical of the popular region. Fine sherry notes, which are often reflected in aromas of berry fruits. 

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Keith Scotland


Thanks to natural alchemy and centuries-old craftsmanship, The Balvenie is unique among single malts.

Balvenie whisky-making process is dedicated to maintaining the Five Rare Crafts and Balvenie are the only distillery in Scotland that still grows its own barley, uses traditional floor maltings and keeps both a coppersmith and a team of coopers on site.

Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE presides over the all-important maturation process. Making The Balvenie the most hand-crafted of single malts!

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Fort William Scotland

Ben Nevis

Founded by John “Long John” MacDonald in 1825, Ben Nevis Distillery is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland.

Nestled at the foot of Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, which has a summit elevation of 4,413 feet above sea level, where they have been crafting malt whisky from the highest water source in Scotland for nearly two hundred years.

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Elgin Scotland


Benriach is a hidden Speyside gem distilling in three distinct styles - classic unpeated, Highland peated and triple distilled - and crafting layers of diverse flavour with our eclectic range of cask types from around the world.

In 1898, Benriach founder John Duff chose to open his new distillery on the site of the old Riach Farm. Ruggedly beautiful, the Benriach Distillery draws its water from the mineral-rich aquifer deep beneath the grounds.

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Forres Scotland


A traditional Speyside distillery owned by a family of whisky-lovers intent on making single malt the right way with true character.

A handful of distillers rely entirely on expertise and senses to make the finest handmade whisky; Speyside single malt matured exclusively in first-fill casks, with a subtly smoky character. It takes just four ingredients – barley, water, yeast and a human touch.

All casks are hand-filled, individually weighed, stencilled by hand and stowed in traditional dunnage warehouses. Why? Because Benromach believe making whisky by hand guarantees genuine character.

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Pitlochry Scotland

Blair Athol

Blair Athol Distillery stands at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands in the picturesque town of Pitlochry, Perthshire.

Set in open moorland south of the town, in the foothills of the Grampian mountains, Blair Athol’s ancient source of water – the Allt Dour – flows through the grounds from the slopes of Ben Vrackie, contributing to the whisky’s, mellow quality and smooth finish.

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Bowmore Scotland


Bowmore is a pioneering house and the oldest licensed distillery on Islay.

Bowmore distillers invest more time than necessary at every stage of the process. This care and attention to detail is what creates the complex balance of not just Smoke, but also rich fruit and sea salt which is so characteristic of Bowmore timeless house style.

This is the reason why Bowmore ages like no other, the reason why it is the world’s most collectible Islay malt today.

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Bruichladdich Scotland


One of two distilleries on the Rhinns of Islay, the western peninsula of the island, Bruichladdich was founded in 1881.

Over the past 130 years, the distillery has changed hands many times and had frequent closures, but since 2000 it has been reborn, and is yet again at the forefront of Scottish whisky distilling.

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Frankfort United States America

Buffalo Trace

For over 200 years, Buffalo Trace Distillery has been defined by a dedication to one craft: making fine bourbon whiskey.

By honouring tradition and embracing change, Buffalo Trace Distillery has earned its place of leadership among the legendary spirit makers of the world.

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Shelbyville United States America


Bulleit is distilled, aged and bottled in the traditional home of bourbon - Kentucky USA. It breaks bourbon traditions thanks to its unique high-rye recipe.

To this day, Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in the Bulleit family tradition. High rye content gives it a bold, spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish. Kentucky limestone-filtered water provides a foundation for the bourbon's character, while charred American oak barrels lend a smoky backbone. 

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Port Askaig Scotland


Pronounced 'Bunn-na-ha-venn', meaning 'mouth of the river' in Scots Gaelic, our distillery is the most remote on Islay, nestled in Bunnahabhain Bay on the shores of the Sound of Islay.

Discover the famous Bunnahabhain Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Whilst Islay is known for its peated whisky, Bunnahabhain stands apart with its signature unpeated style. With the tallest stills on the island and the only distillery to use water from a natural spring, Bunnahabhain single malt whisky is known for its sherried, delicate, complex and unpeated taste.

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Port Askaig Scotland

Caol Ila

Sat just along the coast from Port Askaig, Caol Ila looks out over the Sound of Islay towards Jura.

Now the largest distillery on the island, producing double that of even Laphroaig, Caol Ila’s spirit is a key component of Diageo’s blends.

With both peated and unpeated single malt produced at the distillery, there is a range of whiskies available, from the young and feisty to the old and elegant.

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Banffshire Scotland


Cragganmore distillery, on the banks of the river Spey, is home to one of the most complex and characterful malt whiskies of the Speyside region.

In 1869, Big John Smith – said to have been the most experienced distiller of his day. He lobbied for a railway siding, and using this, his business acumen and skill as a distiller, turned Cragganmore into a popular, high-quality single malt whisky. 

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Alness Scotland


For over 150 years, The Dalmore has set the standard in multi cask maturation.

The Dalmore house style derives from a close and trusted relationship that was forged with sherry house González Byass over 100 years ago.

The rare casks, which have previously held 30 year old Matusalem oloroso sherry, are exclusive to The Dalmore. These casks enrich the signature chocolate and orange character of our whisky with rich and nutty flavours.

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Dalwhinnie Distillery stands in the Cairngorm National Park at the heart of the Scottish Highlands in the village of Dalwhinnie.

Built in 1897 and currently the highest distillery in the country, Dalwhinnie – or “Plain of Meetings” in Gaelic – is named for its location at a junction of old drove roads, between two mountain ranges.

Year after year it survives the coldest of conditions to produce smooth, golden heather honey-like spirit. 

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Stirling Scotland


Housed in an old cotton mill, Deanston Distillery sits on the banks of the mighty River Teith, 8 miles north of Stirling.

Deanston whisky is unpeated and predominantly matured in ex-bourbon barrels. This creates a smooth, sweet whisky with notes of honey and heather. The long fermentation and slow distillation helps to create a waxy New Make Spirit. 

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Dunnet Scotland

Dunnet Bay

Dunnet Bay Distillery is a magical place that creates spirits which are inspired by and embody Caithness, its unique cultural and natural heritage and its people. 

A small, but first-class brand located in the tiny, remote village of Dunnet, Caithness. An independent family-owned business provides much needed employment in a fragile rural economy. The distillery currently employs fourteen staff members to create and market its multi award-winning spirits and promote tourism in Caithness.

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Glasgow Scotland

Eden Mill

Paul Miller established the Eden Mill distillery in 2012 on the banks of the Eden Estuary in St Andrews, it was the first distillery to make spirits in the region in over 150 years

Today, Eden Mill has a wonderful premium gin portfolio crafted from the finest botanicals, many foraged from here in and around St Andrews and a unique selection of limited release single malts.

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Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Gin

Born in 2010, Edinburgh Gin is distilled in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, taking inspiration from the wonder-filled city that is this name’s sake.

Edinburgh gins represent one of the most varied and vibrant range of gins in the world.

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Pitlochry Scotland


World renowned as the smallest traditional distillery in Scotland and arguably the most unique, comes Edradour distillery.

Dating back to 1825, Edradour, stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today. Edradour uniquely boasts over 25 distinctive expressions of Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky with their wonderful characters and flavours.

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Norwich England

English Whisky Distillery

England's oldest and most prestigious whisky distillery. An independent family owned business, born out of the Nelstrop families passion for single malt Whisky and built for the sole intention of handcrafting the finest English Single Malt Whisky.

Based in Norfolk, using locally sourced barley and fresh water from the Brecklands aquifer, which runs beneath the distillery, a Master Distiller meticulously handcrafts the spirit, which is then filled into the finest oak casks and left to mature for years. 

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Kincardine Scotland


The Esker distillery is based on the beautiful Kincardine Castle Estate on Royal Deeside, the first gin distillery in Aberdeenshire!

While the name may sound Scandinavian - it’s not. An esker is a ridge created by a glacier and this Aberdeenshire distillery sits on such a ridge and benefits from spectacular views. Right in the heart of Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire and on the North East 250 route.

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Evanston, Illinois United States America


A grain-to-glass distillery since 2011, FEW spirits produces award-winning craft whiskey and gin in a tucked away alley located in the growing Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois. 

Down a dark back alley in Evanston you will find an old chop-shop making flavourful Bourbon & Rye from grain-to glass with a bold Chicago style twist. Innovative products continue to flow. Proof as ever, that appearances can be deceptive. 

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Laurencekirk Scotland


Since 1824 the folks at Fettercairn have gone to extraordinary lengths to capture the purest expression of their whisky’s character.

This wonderful distillery is situated under the Grampian foothills in the Howe of Mearns, with Fettercairn town’s name loosely based on the phrase "the foot of the mountain."

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Chichigalpa Nicaragua

Flor de Cana

Flor de Caña is enriched by the San Cristóbal Volcano, the tallest and most active in Nicaragua with the result is an exceptionally SMOOTH rum.

Through its 130-year history, the brand, the company and family have lived through a plane crash, a civil war, nationalizations, hyperinflation, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Throughout all this, and against all odds, the company has also been able to remain a family business for five generations.

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Tucked away in the southern countryside of Barbados, on 8 acres of a former sugar plantation, is the magnificent Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park.

This working rum factory is well known for its collection of rums, producing a wide range including the highly favoured Doorly's, Old Brigand and E.S.A.Field.

Foursquare Rum Distillery is the proud winner of the Rum Distillery of the Year in November 2016 at the IWSC in London, UK.

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Forfar Scotland

Gin Bothy

This distillery, home of the award winning Gin Bothy is nestled in the historic village of Glamis in Angus, minutes from Glamis Castle.

It is here where they infuse their Gins with local seasonal fruits in small batches, with each step in the process worked through by hand. 

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Glasgow Scotland


Embracing the pioneering spirit of Scotland’s first licensed distillers, The Glasgow Distillery Company adopts its name from one of Glasgow’s original distilleries. In 1770, The Glasgow Distillery Company was founded at Dundashill and remained active until consequent closure at the beginning of the 20th Century.

In 2014 The Glasgow Distillery Company re-opened becoming the first Single Malt Whisky Distillery in Glasgow for over 100 years. All spirits are are Glasgow-Made – products of a home city and proud to be so.

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Airdrie Scotland

Glen Flagler

Glen Flagler distillation commenced in February of 1965 however, just some twenty years later the distillery closed.

Later with the brand being reformed, and under new ownership, a blend of Scotch whiskies have been used to recreate the original Glen Flagler blend. 

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Inverurie Scotland

Glen Garioch

One of the oldest operating distilleries in Scotland, Glen Garioch (pronounced Geery in the ancient Doric dialect still spoken in these parts) has been making its mighty malt ever since 1797.

Shielded from the world’s prying eyes, deep in the fertile ‘Granary of Aberdeenshire’, and only ever produced in small, precious batches, Glen Garioch is a rare find indeed, but warmly appreciated by those who like a hearty Highland malt, non chill-filtered as nature intended, with a wholesome maltiness, honeyed sweetness and delicious creamy texture to savour.

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Rothes Scotland

Glen Grant

The Glen Grant distillery is nestled in Scotland’s bucolic Speyside region.

Rivers brim with cool, fresh water fed by hundreds of natural springs, and the fields boast the ideal conditions for growing barley.

Located in the northern end of the village of Rothes in Speyside, The Glen Grant’s Scotch whisky distillery and the elements from the rugged region of northeastern Scotland provides this incredible distillery with the finest natural elements for their whisky.

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Muirtown Scotland

Glen Mhor

Glen Mhor (pronounced Glen Vawr, or Glen Vhore) means Great Glen, which cuts across Scotland from the northeast to the southwest.

In 1983, sadly the distillery closed its doors where three years later it was demolished. Bottlings show it to be a big, fat and quite muscular malt with a meaty and lightly smoky undertow.

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Elgin Scotland

Glen Moray

Located in the heart of Speyside, Scotland's whisky capital, the Glen Moray distillery has been producing fine single malt since 1897.

Light, smooth and fruity, encapsulating the flavours for which Glen Moray and indeed Speyside itself is loved for around the world. Approachable and easy drinking, the whisky behind the fine distillery. 

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Muir of Ord Scotland

Glen Ord

Glen Ord Distillery, in the northern highlands, barley from the Black Isle meets water from the White Burn to make a Scotch of vibrant colour: The Singleton of Glen Ord.

The Singleton of Glen Ord distillery is steeped in tremendous history.

Founded on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands, built in 1838 by Thomas Mackenzie. It is from this famous Scottish clan that the distillery adopts its motto, Luceo non uro, meaning “I shine not burn” we continue to be inspired by this today, with the emphasis on slow batched distillation.

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Campbeltown Scotland

Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia is one of the smallest Scotch whisky distilleries in Scotland but one of the big names in Campbeltown's illustrious past — with a story beginning in the 19th century.

To date, the distillery still maintains much of its original design, including the fermenters, stillroom, and dunnage warehouse dating from the 1830s.

A sip of a Glen Scotia Scottish malt whisky is a window through time to traditional Campbeltown scotch whisky.

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Aberlour Scotland


One of Scotland’s few independently owned and managed distilleries, The GlenAllachie is led by industry veteran, Billy Walker, who boasts an astonishing 50-year tenure in whisky.

Nestled at the foot of Ben Rinnes, the distillery lies at the heart of the Speyside, with a focus upon quality over quantity. 

Spanning 16 on-site warehouses holding over 50,000 casks, the Glenallachie team have complete control of the end-to-end maturation process, giving them the freedom to make decisions for all the right reasons.

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Forres Scotland


Glenburgie, also known as Glenburgie-Glenlivet, Glen Burgie or Glenburry is a whisky distillery near Alves, Moray.

In 2004, the old distillery was demolished and a new, larger, open plan one was constructed. A third pair of stills was added at this point. It has been part of Chivas Brothers since 2005.

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Brechin Scotland


Established in 1825 in the town of Brechin, Glencadam is the only remaining distillery in the ‘kingdom’ of Angus.

Glencadam Single Malt has always been premium whisky for blending, and as such was highly sought after for some of the world’s most prestigious blends. Glencadam’s character is a direct result of a distillation regime that maximises reflux – the lyne arms on the stills are angled upwards

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Huntly Scotland


Deep in the East Highland Hills of Aberdeenshire, nestled in the Valley of Forgue, lies The GlenDronach  Distillery. The distillery was founded in 1826 on the site of the Boynsmill Estate and the historic Boynsmill  House – dating back to 1771 and later renamed Glen House – is still standing proud today.

Named after the bramble thorns we are surrounded by, ‘GlenDronach’ means ‘Valley of the Brambles’ in Scots Gaelic. For nearly two hundred years the distillery has been guarded by a parliament of rooks, who try to nest in the warehouses. Distillery folk believes that as long as these gregarious birds remain, the whisky will prosper.

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Ballindalloch Scotland


Glenfarclas distillery is a Speyside whisky distillery in Ballindalloch, Scotland.

The distillery is owned and run by the Grant family with the distillery having six stills which are the largest on Speyside and are heated directly by gas burners. By using the finest ingredients, combined with traditional distillation methods, the unforgettable flavour of Glenfarclas is created.

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Dufftown Scotland


Winter lays snow on hills rising over pagoda roofs. Summer colours local fields barley-gold. All year round spring water bubbles in the glen.

As alive as that day in 1886 when our founder William laid the first stones that built one of the oldest family-owned Scotch whisky distilleries. Join the folk at Glenfiddich, in the Valley of the Deer.

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Banff Scotland


Glenglassaugh Distillery, at the east end of the beautiful Sandend Bay, was founded by Col. James Moir in 1875.

Glenglassaugh is produced using the highest quality of Scottish barley and traditional distilling methods, their key focus being on quality. While many distilleries have become highly automated, here at Glenglassaugh their spirits are still handcrafted by a small, highly skilled team dedicated to creating the highest quality product.

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Glasgow Scotland


Glengoyne Distillery is a whisky distillery continuously in operation since its founding in 1833 at Dumgoyne, north of Glasgow, Scotland.

Glengoyne is often described as Scotland's most beautiful distillery and is unique for producing Highland single malt whisky, in the Lowlands. 

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Ballindalloch Scotland


The Glenlivet Distillery sits in a wild and remote glen, its history laced with drama and intrigue. So in every bottle of whisky made, as much of the spirit of glen is captured as possible. 

It was founded in 1824 and has operated almost continuously since.

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Tain Scotland


By the tranquil shores of the Dornoch Firth, amidst the golden barley fields of Ross-shire, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery.

The house style of the Glenmorangie distillery is described as particularly floral, light and mild due, at least in part, to the enormous hight of the copper still. 

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Rothes Scotland


The Glenrothes distillery is in the town of Rothes, in the heart of Speyside.

With no visitors centre, this incredible distillery does not even have a road sign as it is the Glenrothes whisky itself which marks its place. 

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Crieff Scotland


This small distillery dates back to 1775, and is one of the lasting legacies of the Scotch whisky industry.

Like many, this distillery was closed, and the workings removed back in the huge crash 1920's. Unlike most distilleries that suffer such a fate, Glenturret has been revived.

The Glenturret distillery team produces small batches of the highest quality single malt by hand. A passion for whisky is founded on a singular commitment to the traditions of whisky making.

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Hokuto Japan


The Hakushu Distillery was founded half a century after Yamazaki. Keizo Saji inherited his father’s vision in his quest for innovation and constructed this second Suntory distillery in 1973.

The majestic forest that surrounds the Hakushu Distillery shelters an abundance of plant varieties reflecting the many expressions of Japanese nature.

The malt whiskies born here are simultaneously blessed with a very particular microclimate, verdant forests, and water offering a rare softness and purity, only made possible by filtration of rain and snow through thousand-year-old granite rocks.

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Trelawny Jamaica


The rich diversity of Hampden Estate’s rums comes, amongst many different factors, from the large array of marks produced by the distillery.

Each mark corresponds to a newly made spirit with specific, idiosyncratic characteristics of style, aromatic intensity, flavour profile, body and structure, obtained by respecting a certain formula in terms of raw materials used, fermentation time, methods, and distillation.

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Tarbert Scotland


Harris distillery is a Scotch whisky and Gin distillery in Tarbert on the Isle of Harris, Scotland. Interestingly, the Harris distillery was the very first legal distillery ever built on Harris.

Isle of Harris distillery in Tarbert on the Hebridean island is led by ex-Glenmorangie director Simon Erlanger, the board also features founder and chairman Anderson Bakewell, former Whyte & Mackay CFO Ron MacEachran, and former Macallan managing director, Willie Phillips.

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Harrogate England


We’re a family-run, small batch distillery based in the beautiful Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Most of their botanicals are grown in the 750-year-old gardens within the Castle walls, passionate about our location, the environment and keeping everything as local as possible.

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Bardstown, KY United States America

Heaven Hill

Nestled in the heart of Historic Bardstown, there's something for every Bourbon fan from this incredible distillery.

A private, American family-owned and operated distillery founded in 1935 and headquartered in Bardstown, Kentucky, that produces and markets the Heaven Hill brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and a variety of other distilled spirits

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Girvan Scotland


The Hendrick’s Gin Palace hails from the tiny seaside village of Girvan, which lies in Ayrshire, south-west Scotland.

The distillery lies just a mile inland and overlooks the mysterious volcanic island of Ailsa Craig. This alluring outcrop lies uninhabited, save for a few gannets and puffins, but features in many local legends.

Each batch of Hendrick’s Gin is crafted just 500 lovely litres at a time. It is how Hendrick’s Gin started in 1999 and how it will remain and allows a greater control of careful artistry. 

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Oswestry England


Henstone Distillery is  based just outside of Oswestry on the same site as Stonehouse Brewery.

They have been busily producing whisky, gin, vodka and apple brandy in Hilda, a 1000 litre Kothe still. Henstone distillery are one of a very small number of English distilleries making our own wash (the beer that is distilled to produce whisky) on site.

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Kirkwall Scotland

Highland Park

Here at a beautifully remote distillery in Orkney, Highland Park distillery have been crafting award-winning whisky for over 220 years.

Because of the harsh climate this far north, the Orkneys’ windswept landscapes are treeless. Distillers say this terrain plays into Highland Park’s distinctively smoky, floral flavors, rich with the scent of local heather flower.

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Jarnac France


Hine Cognac is located in the heart of the Grande Champagne cru, right along the banks of the river Charente. The Hine story dates back to 1550 when the Hine family lived in Beaminster, Dorset, on the south coast of England.

On the banks of the river Charente is Jarnac, where in 1763 began the adventure of Hine. Two and a half centuries after Thomas Hine’s founding journey from Dorset, the historic cellars of the 16 quai de l’Orangerie see their doors opening.

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Broxburn Scotland

Ian Macleod

Ian Macleod Distillers is based at Broxburn, West Lothian, and owns Glengoyne distillery in Stirlingshire and Tamdhu distillery at Knockando on Speyside.

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Kyle Scotland

Isle of Raasay

The first legal distillery on the Hebridean Isle of Raasay. The magical Isle of Raasay lies off the West coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides, separated from the Isle of Skye by a short 25 minute ferry journey.

Rooted in centuries of illicit distilling, Raasay provides the ingredients for the perfect dram. Every drop of spirit is distilled, matured and bottled on the island using water from the Raasay Distillery well.

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Portree Scotland

Isle of Skye

Thomas and Alistair Wilson were raised on Skye, a place they are both passionate and enthusiastic about promoting to a wider audience.

It was over three years ago that the Wilson brothers formulated plans to give up their ‘day job’s and dreamed of creating the first gin distillery on the Isle of Skye.

After securing planning permission to purpose build the distillery and thus fulfilling their dream, the hard work really began. The Wilson brothers set out and created something unique!

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Lynchburg, KY United States America

Jack Daniels

In 1866 THe Jack Daniel Distillery is officially established, making it the very first registered distillery within the US, with Jack as the Master Distiller.

The opening of his now-famous distillery would follow shortly thereafter, right next to Jack Daniel’s prime resource: the mineral-rich Cave Spring Hollow.

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Dublin Ireland


In 1780, John Jameson established a way of making Irish whiskey that we’ve been proudly sticking to ever since.

As you can imagine, producing a blended Irish whiskey that has been enjoyed for over two centuries takes a lot but the folks at Jameson have distilled over 200 years of courage, craft and a collective appreciation for taste, into one short account.

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Clermont, KY United States America

Jim Beam

In Clermont, KY, eight generations of Beam family distillers are carrying on their longstanding bourbon tradition.

From pioneering small batch whiskeys to making the whiskey that started them all in 1795, the James B. Beam Distilling Co. has been the Birthplace of Bourbon for over two centuries.

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Fife Scotland

John Haig & Co

John Haig & Co. was a legendary distilling company that embraced the continuous still soon after its inception, and became a major producer of grain whisky, based in Cameron Bridge in Fife.

The company was also one of the original group of distillers that set up the Distillers Company Ltd. (DCL) in 1877.

More recently, its heritage formed the inspiration for the launch of Haig Club single grain whisky in 2014.

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Edinburgh Scotland

Johnnie Walker

The story of Johnnie Walker and our whisky history begins, naturally enough, with the man who gave this whisky his name.

Today, Johnnie Walker is the biggest whisky brand in the world. Its slogan is adopted and embraced everywhere, as a rallying cry for progress, encouragement in adversity and an expression of optimism. It continues to make whiskies that push boundaries. 

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Craighouse Scotland


The character of Jura whisky comes from the character of our Scottish island.

And every drop that's passed onto you is as bright and lively as the tiny island community of around 212 people, who all lend a hand in making Jura Whisky. 

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Yuanshan Township Taiwan


Kavalan Distillery has been pioneering the art of single malt whisky in Yilan County, Taiwan since 2005.

Kavalan sources the mineral-rich meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is aged in a unique combination of intense heat and humidity together with sea and mountain breezes.

All this combines to create the quality, smoothness, and fruity character for which Kavalan is known.

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Key West, FL United States America

Key West

Created by Paul Menta and Tony Mantia in 2012 1900, Originally the location of Jack's Saloon. 1903, Coca-Cola Bottlling Facility. Modern day, Key West First Legal Rum Distillery!

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Bruichladdich Scotland


Founded in 2005, Kilchoman was the first new distillery to be built on Islay in over 124 years. Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder, set out to resurrect the grass roots tradition of farm distilling.

A 100% Islay range represents the revival of those traditions, standing alone as Islay’s only Single Farm Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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Clermont, KY United States America

Knob Creek

Knob Creek is a Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey owned by Beam Suntory and produced at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont.

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Isle of Islay Scotland


Sat between Ardbeg and Laphroaig on the south coast of Islay, Lagavulin has a history of disagreements and lawsuits. Founded in 1816, a year after Laphroaig, it has been in fierce competition with its nearest neighbour ever since.

Lagavulin Distillery is thought to be one of the longest established distilleries in the country.

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Cockermouth England

Lakes Distillery

The Lakes Distillery, established in 2011, nestles on the north shore of Bassenthwaite Lake and their majestic surroundings, near Keswick, inspire an artistic ethos and their range of fine whiskies, gins and vodka. 

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Isle of Islay Scotland


Laphroaig distillery is an Islay single malt Scotch whisky distillery. It is named after the area of land at the head of Loch Laphroaig on the south coast of the island of Islay. 

Operating since 1810, Laphroaig distillery is one of the oldest active distilleries in Scotland with their style widely known with having a smoky flavour coming from the peat used to smoke the barley. 

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Fife Scotland

Lindores Abbey

After a break of 523 years, from 2017 spirit started once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey Distillery.

As a small, family-run distillery, Lindores delight in the freedom they have to source a variety of casks from all over the world. This allows to develop an incredibly versatile spirit in a unique way.

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Elgin Scotland


An unsung hero in the world of single malts, Linkwood Distillery was established by Peter Brown in 1821, but wouldn’t see production for another four years.

Located on the outskirts of Elgin in the Speyside region, the distillery remained in the Brown family until the end of the nineteenth century. The distillery changed hands on only one other occasion, in 1933, when it was sold to Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD), now a subsidiary of Diageo.

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Bowling Scotland


One of Scotland's oldest distilleries, there is a possibility that whisky was being made at the Littlemill site as early as 1772

Littlemill single malts are known for their lowland floral character, with notes of vanilla and a sweet honey aftertaste. There are a number of bottlings available of the remaining stock which are aged from 21 to 40 years old.

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Liverpool England

Liverpool Gin

At Liverpool Gin Distillery, it is here where they produce their very own Liverpool Organic Gin on-site in a custom-built 60 litre copper still.

Here, they offer visitors of our wonderful City the opportunity to see their very own distillers in action!

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Alexandria Scotland

Loch Lomond

The first site of the former Loch Lomond distillery dates back to 1814, sited at the north end of Loch Lomond near Tarbet (known as Tarbat).

Loch Lomond Distillery was commissioned by the Littlemill Distilling Company in 1965 with first distillation in 1966. In 1984, the distillery closed - or fell silent, to use the traditional term. Happily though, Alexander Bulloch and the Glen Catrine company acquired the business and resumed malt production in 1987. Grain whisky production began in 1993 and two new malt stills were added in 1999.

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Crathie Scotland

Royal Lochnagar

Royal Lochnagar Distillery is situated just one mile from Balmoral Castle and sits at the foot of the Cairngorm mountains, fed by the crystal clear water of the Scarnock springs.

Originally called New Lochnagar, it was renamed following the royal visit. Today, the distillery combines the traditional pagoda kiln heads and techniques like the open mash tun with a whisky visitor centre to share the story of Royal Lochnagar and its malt whisky.

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