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Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky - 70cl 40%

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Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky - 70cl 40%


Togouchi is a Blended Whisky produced by Chugoku Jozo for the Togouchi range, who age their whiskies, unusually in an old railway tunnel.

This expression is their no-age-statement expression and although this carries no official age statement, the whiskies in this bland have matured around 8 years in sherry oak casks and bottled at an ABV of 40%.

Although this Togouchi Whisky is blended and aged to a certain extent in the town of Togouchi, it is actually a blend of Scottish malt whisky and Canadian grain whiskey chosen by their Master Blender.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Elegant aromas of hazelnuts and freshly cut grass.

Palate: Much like the nose with the elegant hazelnut aromas, combined with sweet and gentle notes of honey and nutmeg.

Finish: Smooth and spiced.