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Rare & Collectable

Rare and collectable whiskies from some of the oldest and best distilleries, including whiskies from The Golden Era of whisky, the 1960s and 70s.

Perhaps the most exciting investments come from gems that can still be found at great prices, whiskies from the 60s and 70s! These whiskies from a Golden age can be outstanding even the blends are noticeably superior (often more Malt) to their contemporary counterparts.

The reason is varied, it was a time of less hurried production and there was direct firing of the stills. The types of barley like golden promise and other excellent long forgotten varieties where prevalent. Superior Sherry casks also contributed and onsite floor malting all added to a bygone area.

So, go hunt for 60s and 70s like Bunnahabhain, Glendronach and Macallan don't forget blends like Haig buy some to invest and some to drink.
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Dalmore 12 Year Old 1970s Whisky - 75cl 40%

Distillery: Dalmore
Age: 12 Year Old
Vintage: N/A
Region: Highland
Bottler: Official
Cask Type: N/A
Bottle Strength: 70 Proof
Bottle Size: 26 2/3 FL OZ
Distillery Status: Operational

A Dalmore 12 Year Old Single Highland Malt Whisky by Whyte &... read more

Dalmore 30 Limited Edition 2015 Malt Scotch Whisky - 70cl 45%

October will see the launch of The Dalmore 30 year old 70cl/750ml (45%ABV).

Matured in an assemblage of the finest aged stocks, drawn from hand-sourced 30 year old Matusalem oloroso and Amoroso oloroso sherry butts from... read more

Aberfeldy 25 Year Old - 70cl 40%

Aberfeldy 25 Year Old Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky (Limited Release)

Distilled 25 years ago, at Aberfeldy, on the banks of the River Tay.>Br>
In the wise words of Tommy Dewar " We have a great regard for old age when it is bottled".

This Aberfeldy... read more

Aberlour Glenlivet 9 Year Old Miniature - 5cl 70 Proof

The Aberlour Glenlivet miniature arrives in a blocky little bottle and plastered with a scroll-like label.

A miniature of the popular Aberlour Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky from the distillery established in 1845, this one... read more

Ambassador 8 Year Old 1960s Deluxe Scotch Whisky - 75cl 43%

Billed as the "Scotch At Its Lightest", Ambassador is a blended Scotch whisky which was produced in Glasgow by the Taylor and Ferguson company.

This bottle dates back to the 1960s, an 8 year old, Italian import.

Make no... read more

Ambassador Blend Taylor & Ferguson Ltd Deluxe Scotch Whisky - 75cl 40%

A bottling of Ambassador Deluxe Scotch blended whisky, Blended and bottled by Taylor & Ferguson. 

Ambassador is a discontinued export blend first created by Glasgow blender Taylor & Ferguson Ltd, which was... read more

Antiquary De Luxe Circa 1960s Old Scotch Whisky - 70 Proof

An old bottle of Antiquary that predates their famous angular bottle, we believe this originates from around the 1960's.

This is no indication of volume but the bottle is full sized.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.

Antiquary De Luxe Circa 1960s Wax & Vitale Import Old Scotch Whisky - 75cl 43.5%

An old bottle of Antiquary that predates their famous angular bottle, we believe this originates from around the 1960's.

Bottled in the 1960s and imported to Italy by Wax & Vitale.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.

Archers Very Special Old Light 1960s Whisky - 70cl

A very interesting old blend produced originally by the Glenlivet distillers, now long lost in the midst of 30 years.

Interestingly this old blend prides itself on the character of  being light and gentle, how times have... read more

Ardbeg Dark Cove 2016 Committee Bottling Whisky - 70cl 55%

The hugely anticipated 2016 Ardbeg Committee bottling was released on "Ardbeg Day" and not surprisingly sold out very promptly.

The Dark Cove has been matured in dark sherry casks making it the "Darkest Ardbeg Ever" with this... read more

Ardbeg Drum Committee Release - 70cl 52%

Given the success and cult-like fan base that Ardbeg has recently enjoyed, it is almost impossible to imagine that the distillery was closed on and off for 15 years until it was purchased by Glenmorangie.

Sitting on the southern coastline of... read more

Ardbeg Kelpie Special Committee 2017 Edition - 51.7% 70cl

A special committee only releases from Ardbeg, launched in March 2017.

Virgin casks made from oak grown, felled and seasoned by the Black Sea, have produced an aromatic Ardbeg with waves of flavour, incredibly deep.

Released at natural cask strength.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.
Ardbeg Still Young 10 Year Old 1998 Whisky - 70cl 56.2%

Since the distillery re-opened in 1997, many enthusiasts of Ardbeg have been keen to sample their work in progress - none more so than the Ardbeg Committee, formed to 'ensure that the doors of Ardbeg distillery never close... read more

Auchentoshan 5 Year Old Triple Distilled Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky Miniature - 5cl 43%
  This 5cl miniature of 5 Year Old Auchentoshan Lowland malt was estimated to have been bottled in the 1980s.   Founded by Irish refugees on the outskirts of Glasgow in 1825, Auchentoshan is... read more
Ballantines 1950s Finest  Scotch Whisky - 75cl

An old bottling of Ballantine's still popular Finest blended whisky, which we estimate dates back from the 1950s.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary 

Condition of label is worn. 

Ballantines 1960s 4/5 Quart 100% Scottish Blended Whisk - 75cl 43%

Ballantine's bottled in the 1950s.

Imported into the US by 21 Brands. 

There will be many opinions referring to the time period of Whisky Production in Scotland that could be referred to as "The Golden Age of... read more

Ballantines Finest Scotch Whisky - 70 Proof 40 FL OZ

A generous 40 FL OZ of Ballantine's Finest Scotch botles at 70° Proof.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary - Please note, damage to bottle labels.  


Balvenie Glenlivet As We Get It Pure Malt Scotch Whisky Miniature - 5cl 108.6 Proof

A very rare miniature indeed!

Introducing the Balvenie Glenlivet Single Malt, presented as part of the As We Get It series.

The label lists the whisky as "Balvenie-Glenlivet", and was bottled by... read more

Bells 5 Year Old Vintage 1960s - 43% 75cl

The back label states that there are over 2000 blends of Scotch Whisky, that you should choose wisely and that choice should be Bell's. 

An old bottle of 5 year old Bell's for the Italian market. 

We estimate that this bottle was produced in... read more

Ben Nevis 12 Year Old Inverlochy Castle Whisky Including 3 Miniatures - 80 Proof

This lot contains an old bottling of Ben Nevis, aged for 12 years and bottled for the 5* house hotel, Inverlochy Castle.

It is estimated this bottle dates back to the 1960s.

1x full-size 75cl (26 2/3... read more

Benchmark 6 Year Old 1970s Premium Kentucky Bourbon - 75cl 86 Proof

The benchmark brand was introduced by Seagrams in 1968, and was produced primarily at their Louisville distillery.

Originally the whisky was offered at both 80 and 86 proof, this is an example of the 86 proof... read more

Benromach 12 Year Old Glenlivet Miniature - 5cl 40%

A miniature bottle of Benromach Glenlivet 12 Year Old, bottled by distillery proprietors Gordon & MacPhail.

An rare miniature of the popular Benromach dating back to the 1990s from when the distillery was still owned by... read more

Benromach 1976 Vintage - 70cl 46%

Age: 36 Year Old
Alcohol ABV: 46%
Bottle Size: 70cl 
Description: Single Malt
Distillery: Benromach
Region: Speyside
Vintage: 1976
Year Bottled: 2012

A fantastic vintage from Benromach and owners Gordon & Macphail!

A fine aged Benromach distilled in... read more

Black & White 1970s - 75cl 43%

A older bottling of Black & White, by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

A screwcap bottle of Black & White blended scotch whisky released in the 1970s.

Buchanan’s Black & White blended Scotch whisky is quite movie star, appearing in both Ian Fleming's... read more

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