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Lying South of an imaginary line which runs from Greenock on the West coast of Scotland to Dundee in the East, most of the malts produced here end up in blends but the region still boasts a few Single Malts.

Generally speaking, Lowland region whiskies are mellower than whiskies from the neighbouring Highlands and are very much appreciated by those new to Whisky and experienced drinkers alike.

Typical Style: Majority are light in colour, a certain sweet fruitiness with a dry finish with the dryness coming from the malt itself, not from the peat as Lowland malts tend to be produced with unpeated malt.

Did you know? There are only three active distilleries in the Lowlands; Bladnoch, Glenkinchie and Auchentoshan.
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Ailsa Bay Individual Bottle - 48.9% 70cl

An inaugural release from Ailsa Bay – peated Lowland whisky.

Born from the fires of the Girvan Distillery, Ailsa Bay is an incredibly well balanced single malt whisky.

This distillery can produce a variety of different styles of spirit and this first release is a smoky expression, creating a rare peated lowland.


Online Price: 33.99Regular Price: 39.99
Auchentoshan 12 year old - 40% 70cl

A more recent release from the Auchentoshan distillery, replacing the previous staple 10 year old.

This new, 12 Year Old bottling exhibits the new, slightly Imperial aesthetics in which Auchentoshan have rebranded themselves with.

Online Price: 75.99Regular Price: 83.99
Auchentoshan 18 Year Old - 70cl 43%
Triple distilled and matured in American bourbon oak for over eighteen years. The result: a refreshing Lowland single malt whisky with the added infusion of ripe citrus and green tea, the warmth of toasted almonds and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.
Auchentoshan 21 Year Old Malt Scotch Whisky - 70cl 43%
A 21 year old single malt which was triple distilled and aged in second fill sherry casks, though nothing is lost to the power of the Sherry.
Auchentoshan 44 Year Old 1966 - 70cl 40.9%
An impressive new release from Auchentoshan from the year England won the World Cup! Here Auchentoshan have aged their triple distilled spirit for a 44 years before finally bottling in 2011 in a beautiful bottle.

Encased in a handcrafted... read more
Online Price: 25.99Regular Price: 31.99
Auchentoshan American Oak - 70cl 40%

Introduced in 2014 to replace the Classic Auchentoshan comes this new Auchentoshan.

Triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks, the result? Auchentoshan American Oak, a Lowland Single Malt Whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut - along with the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

Online Price: 43.99Regular Price: 50.99
Auchentoshan Three Wood Matured - 70cl 43%

The Auchentoshan Three Wood is a Lowland single malt matured in 3 different casks, namely: Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry.

A new design for this Auchentoshan, the iconic and unique Auchentoshan bottle will not... read more

Bladnoch 16 Year Old - 55% 70cl

A 16 year old expression from at the time would have been one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland.

Bottled at an ABV of 55%, this new Bladnoch 16 Year Old replaces the highly-thought-of 15 Year Old.

Matured in sherry cask No. 2610 and hand bottled... read more

Cambus 40 Year Old 1975 Special Release Whisky - 70cl 52.7%
The first official bottling of Cambus since at least the turn of the 20th century comes this well-aged official bottling of single grain for the Diageo Special Releases 2016

Aged in refill American oak hogsheads, just 1,812 bottles have been produced.
Glasgow 1770 Peated Distilled - 46% 50cl

A rich, bold and smoky expression in the Glasgow 1770 Signature Range.

Crafted with the finest malted barley which has been smoked with the aromatic heather-rich peat of the Scottish Highlands; combined with the exceptionally pure water of... read more

Glasgow 1770 The Original - 46% 50cl

Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky marks the rise of the new whisky era in Glasgow.

Handcrafted in our copper pot stills, Tara and Mhairi, Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky – The Original combines the finest Scottish barley and the... read more

Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled - 46% 50cl

Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Triple Distilled Release No.1, is an incredibly smooth and complex addition to the Glasgow 1770 Signature Range.

Crafted from the finest malted barley; distilled three times in our traditional copper... read more

Glen Flagler 5 Year Old Silent Pot Still Whisky - 75cl 40% - RARE

A 1970s bottling of 5 year old whisky from the incredibly rare Glen Flagler..

Only produced for 21 years between 1964 and 1985, Glen Flagler bottlings are highly collectable and incredibly rare, one of the worlds most... read more

Glentoshan 1970s Pure Malt Eadie Cairns Whisky - 75cl 40%

A bottle of Glentoshan 5 Year Old Pure Malt, distilled and bottled by Eadie Cairns, Auchentoshan distillery.

This was bottled for the Italian market, we estimate in the 1970s.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.

Inverleven 37 Year Old 1973 Deoch an Doras - 70cl 49% - RARE

From the Chivas Brothers Deoch an Doras collection comes a historic cask strength Inverleven single malt Scotch whisky. The first ever release of Inverleven, distilled in 1973 and bottled in 2011.

Located at the Dumbarton... read more

Lindores MCDXCIV 1494 - 46% 70cl

The launch of Lindores Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky reconfirms Lindores as a place of real significance in the History of The Scotch Whisky Industry.

Lindores Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky MCDXCIV is Lindores Abbey Distillery first single... read more

Lindores MCDXCIV 1494 Commemorative Bottle - 46% 70cl

The launch of Lindores Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky reconfirms Lindores as a place of real significance in the History of The Scotch Whisky Industry.

Lindores Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky MCDXCIV is Lindores Abbey... read more

Littlemill 12 Year Old Vintage - 40% 70cl

An official bottling from the now silent Lowland distillery on the banks of the Clyde at Bowling.

Littlemill was founded in 1772 on the borders of the Lowlands and the Highlands, and claimed to be Scotland's oldest distillery.

The distillery... read more

Littlemill 1990 Whisky Broker 21 Year Old Burns Malt - 55.1% 70cl

Littlemill was one of Scotland's oldest distilleries in its time, with distilling rumoured to have taken place there as far back as the late 18th century.

It has a turbulent history of ownership changes and... read more

Littlemill 25 Year Old 2015 Limited Edition - 70cl 50.4%
Despite the distillery closing in 1994, owners Loch Lomond have been releasing some of the now-mature stocks every year.

The 2015 edition was distilled between December 17 1989 and April 4 1990 and has been bottled at 25... read more
Littlemill Andy Bailey 1992 - 70cl 58%

A closed distillery that was located in the area near Glasgow that's on the border between the Highlands and the Lowlands but usually classified as Lowland possibly because the distillery used the technique of triple distillation that's... read more

Glenkinchie 24 Year Old 1991 Special Release Whisky - 70cl 57.2%
Part of the Diageo Special Releases 2016 collection, this limited edition Lowland Single Malt was distilled in 1991 at Glenkinchie and matured in refill European oak butts.

Aged for 24 years, this is the oldest cask... read more
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Kinclaith 40 Year Old 1969 Signatory Vintage - 70cl 47.3%

Highly rare, Single Malts from Kinclaith and extremely sought after!

Aged for an extraordinary 40 years, only a limited amount of 217 bottles of this extremely rare whisky are available, bottled by independent bottlers... read more

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Port Dundas 22 year old 1996 Cask Strength Signatory Collection - 59% 70cl

A lovely, long aged single grain whisky from the sadly closed Port Dundas distillery.

This whisky has been bottled by Signatory Vintage, as part of their highly popular cask strength series.

Port Dundas was... read more

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