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Swedish Whiskey
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Box 2nd Step Collection 003 - 50cl 51.3%

The third and last edition in The 2nd Step Collection is a peaty vatting of bourbon casks and casks of American and Hungarian virgin oak.

It is a whisky in classic Islay style with a spicy edge of virgin oak, mainly American (Quercus alba).

The expression is bottled at 51.3% ABV with an average age of 5.5 years old, showing a significant 38.6 ppm!

Box Early Days Batch 002 - 50cl 51.5%

Early Days batch 002 is Box Distillery’s second bottling exclusively for the international market.

It is comprised of a blend of peated an unpeated whisky matured in 130-litre casks, which previously contained American bourbon.

Early Days Batch... read more

Mackmyra Appelblom Swedish Whisky - 70cl 46.1%

An exciting release from the Mackmyra distillery in Sweden, Mackmyra Appelblom is an elegant single malt!

Whiskey here has been finalised on saturated oak barrels which previously contained Calvados from Christian Drouin.

Enjoy the apple blossom as it is, why not try alongside a a hot apple desert! 



Mackmyra Fjallmark Swedish Whisky - 70cl 42%

The wild growing, Swedish cloudberries are probably the most sought after berries in Sweden. In this limited edition, cloudberry wine has given character to the whisky!

Moment Fjällmark is an elegant single malt whisky aged on casks that... read more

Mackmyra Moment Efva Swedish Whisky - 70cl 46.3%

Moment Efva is an elegant single malt whisky produced from a creative collaboration with jewellery designer, Efva Attling.

Following a tour at Mackmyra’s main storage in Bodås, Efva has – together with Master Blender, Angela... read more

Mackmyra Moment Karibean Swedish Whisky - 70cl 44.4%

Moment Karibien has now arrived, the much-anticipated sequel to Mackmyra Vinterdrom. 

Moment Karibien is an elegant single-malt whisky, partly matured in casks that have previously held Plantation Barbados & Jamaica rum but also... read more

Mackmyra Bruks Swedish Whisky - 70cl 41.4%

Introducing an award winning Swedish Whisky..

This Mackmyra is a light Swedish whisky, matured primarily in first fill bourbon barrels but also includes whisky aged in Sherry and Swedish oak casks too.

Bruks is a combination of... read more

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