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Lejay Cherry Brandy - 70cl 25%

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A bottle of cherry brandy from French experts Lejay-Lagoute, best-known for their legendary Crème de Cassis.

Made by steeping French Cherries in beet alcohol for six to eight weeks, clarification is only by gravity allowing particals to fall to the bottom of the tank, avoiding harsh particle filtration which might also strip the flavour and colour.

Lejay Cherry Brandy is very fruity and full of ripe cherry flavours, working well in both long drinks or in cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich cherries, with a hint of grape and delicious dark chocolate.
Palate: Light and elegant texture. Cherry and brandy notes soon give way to dark chocolate and cherry jam.
Finish: Rich-dry balance with ripe cherries and underlying brandy notes that include a hint of oak dryness.