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Caroni 23 Year Old 100 Proof Rum - 70cl 57.18%

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Located in the heart of the Caroni plains’ sugar cane plantations, Caroni was established in 1918 as a single estate distillery and possessed its own sugar plant that supplied it with local sugar cane.

Equipped with both column and pot stills, it made heavy rums with a distinctive, singular style.

It was only by chance in 2004, when the Italian raconteur Luca Gargano visited Trinidad for a photo shoot that he passed by the boarded up distillery and learnt of its fate and the location of a warehouse full of barrels of its rums.

Luca couldn’t believe his luck! Over the next few years the barrels were purchased, its contents bottled and went on sale.

As word slowly got out, Caronimania has begun to take hold in recent years, with a frantic search conducted by fans and collectors alike.

Please note, limited to 1 per customer. 

Tasting Notes

Nose: well-perceived smells of molasses, tar, coffee, candied lemon, blackcurrant, very mature banana and vanilla.

Palate:  Caramel, fresh and burnt, leather, vanilla as well as dark fruits and berries.

Finish: The influence of the cask is tremendous and it is quite heavy on tannins, which are harmoniously integrated however. Parallels to barrel aged, heavy red wines are blatant.