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Black Heart Rum Miniature - 40% 5cl

A miniature bottle of Black Heart rum.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.


Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Rum Merchant Sample - 5cl 40%

A 5cl merchant sample from a new and high quality Dominican Rum from the Brugal range.

Since 1888, Brugal have been creating distinctly different rum, and there are two very important things that set Brugal apart from... read more

Cut Smoked Rum Miniature - 40% 5cl

Dirty and downright delicious!

This will stand out in cocktails and might make for an intriguing alternative postprandial tipples for people with a penchant for peaty whisky.

This rum is truly one of a kind.

Cut Spiced Rum Miniature - 37.5% 5cl

A premium Caribbean rum infused with natural ingredients aniseed, nutmeg, ginger, black peppercorns, cinnamon, coridander seed, lemon peel and sweet vanilla pods.  Bold and well seasoned.

Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum Miniature - 5cl 37.5%

A new flavour from Dead Man's Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum - the same heady mix of spices but with added tropical flavours and a smooth twist of coconut.

Dead Man's Fingers was created at the Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives in... read more

Dead Mans Fingers Coffee Rum Miniature - 5cl 37.5%

A new flavour from Dead Man's Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum - the same heady mix of spices now sit alongside indulgent coffee notes.

Dead Man's Fingers was created at the Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives in 2015.

Created from a... read more

Dead Mans Fingers Pineapple Rum Miniature - 5cl 37.5%

Unusual tastes delicious!

Inspired by original Spiced Rum from the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives, Cornwall, it is a rum crafted with the sweet notes of roasted and candied pineapple.

Super refreshing, especially with lemonade, lots of ice, a wedge of lime, and a bunch of fresh mint.

The new taste of summer!

Dead Mans Fingers Spiced Rum Miniature - 5cl 37.5%

Dead Man's Fingers is a heady mix of spices that warms the cockles, stirs the soul and sets you up for whatever the wind blows in!

Created by the owners of The Rum & Crab Shack, Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Cornish Rum is made with a... read more

Dictador XO Insolent Solera System Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

By carefully hand selecting barrels from each year’s vintage using the highest level of technology and a secret method, Dictador master blender uses all his skills to create the most exquisite blended rum, which is then... read more

Dictador XO Perpetual Gold Solera System Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

A premium Columbian Solera rum from Dictador, complete with their European design and Japanese bottles.

This XO release is aged in the finest oak casks and brought down to 40% ABV with demineralised water.

This... read more

El Dorado 12 Year Old Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

An International Gold Medal Winner with a golden character and in a stunning 5cl miniature bottle!

An elegant multi-award winning rum, El Dorado 12 Year Old typifies the smooth mellow sweetness of Demerara Rums. Savour it straight, on the rocks... read more

George Morton Old Vatted Demerara Rum O.V.D. Miniature - 70 Proof

A miniature bottle of OVD Old Vatted Demerara Rum produced by George Morton.

A Vatted Demerera Rum, imported from Guyana to Scotland by George Morton Ltd.

Today this blend of rums from various countries is owned and... read more

Gosling's Gold Bermuda Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Gosling’s Gold Rum is the first new Goslings Rum for over 100 years.

Using only the finest distillates in strict accordance with techniques that had been handed down over six generations, Goslings Gold was finally created.

This rum is a... read more

Goslings Black Seal Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Today, unlike most spirits, Black Seal includes products of both pot stills, as used in fine Cognacs, and continuous stills, as used in grappa.

One imparts flavour, the other yields a subtle elegance, together they work wonders!

Gosling’s... read more

Havana Club Especial Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Havana Club Añejo Especial is a blend of rums aged for up to five years produced from the fermented molasses of sugar cane harvested in Cuba.

The molasses is combined with yeast and water, distilled using column stills, and aged in white... read more

Old Sailor Fine Old Jamaica Rum Miniature - 70 Proof

A miniature bottle of Fine Old Jamaica Rum 70 Proof.


Please note as this is a vintage miniature, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.

Peter Thomsons Black Jo Demerara Rum Miniature - 70 Proof

A 5cl miniature bottle of Black Jo Demerara rum from Guyana, bottled by Peter Thomson Ltd.

We estimate these were bottled in the 1970s.

Please note as this is a vintage whisky, conditions of bottle/label and liquid level can vary.

Pussers Rum Ceramic Decanter Miniature - 54.5% 5cl

Ship's decanters had their beginnings in the early naval sailing ships of the Royal Navy, and it would have been an exception to have found a captain's cabin without one - from the smallest to the largest vessel.

Released for the... read more

Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Miniature bottle of the amazing Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old Rum!

Ron Abuelo is produced at Panama's Varela Hermanos S.A. distillery in Pesé.

The 12 year rum is selected from rums aged in ex-bourbon and white oak barrels, which benefit from the... read more

Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old Anejo Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Presenting a 5cl miniature of Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old!

Varela-Hermanos, a 3rd-generation Panamanian family distillery which produces Ron Abuelo, an authentic dark rum made from sugar cane that is carefully aged in oak casks.

Today,... read more

Watsons Demerara Rum Miniature - 40%

A miniature bottle of rum from Guyana, we estimate this was bottled around the 1960s/70s.

1 x Watson's Demerara Rum, bottled by Robert Watson, we estimate in the 1960s, no size stated, 40% ABV.

Distilled in copper pot stills, before being... read more

Dead Mans Fingers Hemp Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

This unique rum is infused with hemp for a flavour guaranteed to hit new heights.

Lucy Cottrell, brand manager for Dead Man’s Fingers, said: “Flavoured and spiced is the fastest-growing rum sub-category, driven by penetration of younger... read more

Out of Stock
Peaky Blinders Spiced Rum Miniature - 5cl 40%

Named after the iconic Birmingham street gang from Victorian era, and that well known TV show of course!

In England's famous 'Black Country', the Sadler family have been purveyors of the finest beers and spirits since 1900.

This bold,... read more

Out of Stock